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Mizong Fist • 6 Sizes

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  • Mizong Fist • 6 Sizes

PD Lightweight Tee

迷蹤拳 - Mizong Fist is read
Mizhong Kune in Cantonese and
Mizong Quan in Mandarin Chinese
meaning "Lost Track Fist" or
sometimes "Labyrinthine Boxing"
stressing the deceptive nature of the art.

** Huo Yuan Jia, the legendary co-founder
of the Jing Wu School was a master of
Mizong Fist. **

White 100% Ring-Spun Cotton
Lightweight Tee 4.5 oz.
Most Popular Modern Classic Fit
Neckline is Fitted.
Tubular Body
Sleeves Length: Mid Bicep
Commercial Heat Pressed Images
Matte Vinyl Lettering
Some With Sleeve Graphic(s)

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